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MTB parcours Schoorlse Duinen

The MTB route of Schoorl is known as one of the most beautiful and challenging routes in the country. From the Schoorlse Nok through the forest, dunes and heath towards the sea with many altimeters and exciting descents. The trail is laid out and maintained by MTB Northwest.

Aaf on Wheels op het MTB parcours van de Schoorlse Duinen

MTB Clinic and/or guide

You can drive the course alone or with family/friends, but the advice is not to drive alone. Don’t know the route? Then book a guide for your first ride. Are you a novice? Book a clinic to improve your technique and get more information about the route.

The starting point is against Bergen and starts right at the Schoorlse Nok, from Camping Buitenduin you can also start a bit further on the route and start slowly and do the Nok at the end.

Information at the reception or at
Aaf on Wheels for a clinic or guide. If you book a clinic at Aaf, you will receive a discount on your bike rental at:
MTB verhuur Schoorl to rent a MTB bike, repair and maintenance.

Photos by: Ilse Paulussen

MTB-Noordwest onderhoudt de mountainbike parcours in Duindorp Schoorl en omgeving


The MTB course in Schoorl has been cut down as a result of fires and is being transformed into drifting dunes. The route is therefore partly moved, away from the sea and more towards Schoorl and Groet. This new part will be ready in 2022. The route goes through the wooded and hilly part of the Schoorl dunes. The construction is done with a great aim for sustainability in construction and maintenance and of course with an eye for the wishes of the mountain bikers and the managers. MTB-Northwest maintains the course.

MTB-Noordwest realizes with the help of partners, sponsors, donors and volunteers the maintenance, construction and expansion of regional mountain bike routes, where the course in Schoorl is the most challenging. The mountain bike trails in North Holland are popular and crowded. Due to budget cuts at, among others, Staatsbosbeheer in Schoorl, there is no longer any money for the maintenance of this popular route.
MTB-Noordwest maintains good contact with the managers of mountain bike routes and actively contributes to the maintenance, both financially and physically. Supporting scientific research and providing knowledge is part of this. Always with respect for nature and with sustainable solutions for managers and users.
MTB-Noordwest bears all costs of the relocation, improvement and extension of the route. Would you like to contribute to the maintenance and receive the fabulous MTB Northwest sticker?
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