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Corporate social responsibility is in the genes of Kampeerterrein Buitenduin. Since 1915, people have worked in and with nature and the family is known in Schoorl for its work as a voluntary fire brigade and active role in club life.

Entree van het vernieuwde toiletgebouw, energieneutraal door zonnepanelen en energiezuinige oplossingen.

Toilet building

Energy-efficient and water-saving!

The toilet building from 1980 was completely renovated in the winter of 2020/2021. The building is equipped with solar panels to generate electricity and in 2020 no consumption was measured for the first time! During the renovation in 2020/2021, the solar hot water collectors were replaced by the latest collectors, along with energy-efficient boilers. The lighting in the toilet block is LED and only works when there are guests in the building. The unique central heating boiler that brings the water to the right temperature for the shower or washing up also generates electricity. The urinals are waterless and therefore save a lot of water. During the renovation, all taps were replaced by taps with a sensor, which saves water.

Bloeiende kamperfoelie in de Schoorlse duinen

Rainwater and watering

Economical with water!

In the absence of rain, all grass on the campsite is sprayed with groundwater. We have our own source at our disposal!
Since 2019, behind the reception desk, all the rainwater from the roofs has been purified via underground crates and returned to nature without burdening the sewers.

Ingang milieu straat op kampeerterrein buitenduin


Hand in separately!

For years, our camping guests have been asked to separate their waste. Since 2018, the ‘recycling street’ has been improved and it is now clear which waste can go in which bin. Explanations and colors are clearly stated in our Camping Comfort app , which you can download now.

De vlag van gemeente Schoorl, voordat Schoorl bij de Gemeente Bergen werd ingelijfd.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Supporting local businesses and initiatives!

Corporate social responsibility is in the genes of Kampeerterrein Buitenduin. We have been working in and with nature since 1915, we are dependent on it and we let our guests enjoy it. The family has been active in Schoorl as a volunteer firefighter for 3 generations. An active role has always been played in the Schoorl community. We believe it is important to use local businesses as suppliers. Together with ‘our’ adjacent flour mill ‘Kijkduin’ we spend a lot of time on the National Mill Day and Open Monument Day, we always try to celebrate this together. We support Staatsbosbeheer and local festivities with material storage and equipment loan.